Lunch Activities

We will feature two types of lunch activities.  Enjoy your meal while learning something for yourself and gaining CME credits.
Both lunch activities are accredited and delegates will be able to reserve a seat when they register online.


Personal Development Session

November 29 - 12:10-13:00

Elements of a good financial plan - Denis Lessard

This lunch session is limited to 100 participants.


Lunch & Learns

The Lunch & Learn Discussions allow up to 9 participants to sit and discuss with a discussion leader on a specific topic.

Registered participants can only choose ONE Lunch & Learn in the entire Course.


November 27 - 12:15-13:00

How to manage concussion - H. Mitchell Shulmann

Tools to help deprescribing medications in the elderly - Louise Mallet

Primer on headache management: From office to ER - Robert Altman

What do I need to know about cannabis when it is legal? - Mark Ware

The latest on hormone replacement : Is it safe? - Lucy Gilbert

Acute management of asthma - Raphaël Paquin


November 28 - 12:55-13:40

Managing IBS - Gad Friedman

Bring your own case for head & neck, chest, abdomen and G-U problems in children - Jean-Martin Laberge

Atrial fibrillation: Risk scores, risk factors, and therapy - Jacqueline Joza

Polycystic kidney disease management and newer therapies - Sameena Iqbal


November 29 - 12:15-13:00

Stage 3-4 chronic kidney disease - Tiina Podymow

Update in guidelines for menopause - Cleve Ziegler

How to approach the patient that prefers to die rather than starting insulin - Jean-François Yale