Satellite Symposia CBT

This year's CBT Satellite workshops will be held c/o Zoom.

Ten-Minute CBT: Real Tools for Real Doctors

December 1 | 9:00AM-12:15PM | 9.0 Mainpro+ | $395 tuition

YES, "good enough" CBT can be integrated into ten-minute primary care appointments. In this three-credit-per-hour workshop, Dr. Greg Dubord and senior CBT Canada faculty teach you the essential skills that may fundamentally change your management of many vexing behavioral problems.
You’ll learn flexible medical CBT tools to enhance your existing approaches to common psychiatric disorders (e.g., addictions, anxiety, depression), chronic medical conditions (e.g., asthma, diabetes, chronic pain), and disease risk factors (e.g., obesity, lack of exercise, poor stress management).
First we review the epidemic problems of patient immaturity & empathy addiction, and the VOIS technique for managing non-compliance. Then we examine how to pinpoint the pathogenic beliefs (cognogens) at the root of common emotional and behavioral problems. We continue on to explore the missing piece in most practices: the core clinical skill of persuasion.
Although every physician will reply that s/he knows persuasion is a core clinical skill, few can name and describe which specific tool(s) of persuasion they’re using at any given moment. The common consequences are patient stagnation and unnecessary physician frustration.

1. Learn to structure ten-minute appointments to maximize impact
2. Acquire a "deck" of tools of persuasion with broad clinical applications
3. Learn the vital importance of not working harder than most patients

SuperDoc: Leveraging CBT Tools to Maximize Resiliency

December 1 | 1:00PM-4:15PM | 9.0 Mainpro+ | $395 tuition

Today’s cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) is a treasure-trove of scientifically‐tested tools to help physicians increase their resiliency and reduce their risk of burnout. Physician wellness is important for countless reasons, including that it significantly determines the quality of care delivered (CMPA, 2018). Simply put, the burned-out doctor is probably a crappy doctor.
Sadly, the burned-out are also at risk for Premature Clinician Aging Disorder (PCAD). PCAD isn't just the result of a heavy caseload and long hours. PCAD is also predicted by one's psychology.
Happily, state‐of‐the‐art CBT includes a collection of powerful techniques for silencing self‐criticism, decreasing rumination, letting go of the past, increasing self-compassion, improving decision‐making, optimizing time management, boosting mindfulness, and making a marriage spark joy.
PCAD is not inevitable: you don’t need to age faster than the required rate (unless you want to).
Please join CBT Canada faculty for the fast-paced & practical SuperDoc module. You’ll emerge equipped with versatile CBT tools to boost the functioning and improve the mental health of your patients, your family, your friends—and the ongoing project called “you”.
Note: This is a serious workshop that even saw-wielding orthopods can relate to, with nary a mention of yoni steaming or herbal colonics, and there are absolutely no group hugs.

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