The Refresher Course is virtual and asynchronous for 2022

Here is what’s in it for you:
  • 26 Plenary presentations
  • 40 Workshops (up to 8 in parallel)
  • Live question and answer period for each talk
  • Asynchronous on-demand recordings


Dec 5

08:30 - Plenary 1
  • Cardiology Game Changers 2022
    Jacqueline Joza
  • What's up in HTN - 2022 Update
    Sheldon Tobe / Rahul Jain
  • MAID - Rethinking What We Think
    David Dannenbaum
  • CHF 2021 Guidelines Update
    Nadia Gianetti
11:00 - Workshops A
  • ECG Interpretation for the FP Office
    Jacqueline Joza
  • C-CHANGE Guideline Update 2022 - Bringing Together Canada's CV Focused Guidelines
    Sheldon Tobe / Rahul Jain
  • Polycystic Renal Disease
    Irith Lebovich
  • Lipid Guidelines 2021
    George Thanassoulis
  • Thrombosis
    Carolyne Elbaz
  • Migraines/Headaches
    Robert Altman
  • Treatment-Resistant Depression
    Daniel Zigman
  • Palliative Pain Control for the Non-Palliative Care Family Doctor
    Liz MacNamarra
13:00 - Plenary 2
  • Common GIM Consults That Could Be Avoided
    Luc Trudeau
  • Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease
    Serge Mayrand
  • How to Outfox Big Pharma: Providing the Best Diabetes Therapies to Our Patients at a Lower Cost to Society
    Jean-Francois Yale
  • Is insulin Still Necessary in Type 2 Diabetes?
    Tina Kader
15:30 - Workshops B
  • Incidentalomas - What to Do?
    Luc Trudeau
  • Interactive Case Studies in Type 2 Diabetes
    Jean-Francois Yale
  • Insulin Pumps 101
    Tina Kader
  • Approach to Early Cognitive Impairment in the Office
    Fadi Massoud
  • Celiac Disease and other Malabsorptions
    Yidan Lu
  • Demystifying Pediatric Abdominal Pain
    Terry Sigman
  • How the Pandemic Has Affected the Mental Health of Adolescents and How to Prepare for the Longer-Term Consequences
    Perry Adler & Banafcheh Hejazi
  • Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms
    Peter Chan

Dec 6

08:30 - Plenary 3
  • Hepatitis C
    Vanessa Pasztor
  • Palliative Care
    Justin Sanders
  • Management of Cardiovascular Complications Post Acute Covid Infection
    Thao Huynh
  • CMPA
    Janet Nuth
11:00 - Workshops C
  • ETOH Withdrawal/Detox in the Office
    Vanessa Pasztor
  • Palliative Care
    Justin Sanders
  • Improving Access to Medical Abortion in Family Practice
    Samantha Cogan
  • Drugs in Pregnancy and Lactation
    Sylvia Duong
  • Long-Term Disability
    Fiore Lalla
  • An Approach to Wound Care - From Diagnosis to Dressings
    Mark Karanofsky
  • CMPA
    Janet Nuth
  • Abnormal Uterine Bleeding
    My Lan Graziani
13:00 - Plenary 4
  • Breast Cancer
    Stephanie Wong
  • Indigenous Health
    Alex McComber
  • Vaccines (COVID Novavax)
    Brian Ward
  • Birthmarks - When Should I Worry?
    Fatemeh Jafarian
15:30 - Workshops D
  • Breast Cancer
    Stephanie Wong
  • Travel Vaccine Tips
    Brian Ward
  • Cultural Competency
    Alex McComber
  • Tuberculosis in Family Medicine
    Lavanya Narasiah
  • Ocular Emergencies
    Marino Discepola
  • Lower Limb Evaluation in Children
    Thierry Benaroch
  • Caring for the Trans/Nonbinary - Starting Hormones in the Office
    Rachel Bond
  • Sunscreens: Why, What, How?
    Fatemeh Jafarian

Dec 7

08:30 - Plenary 5
  • Are We Managing Menopause Differently in 2022?
    Cleve Ziegler
  • Rheumatology
    Michael Starr
  • Sports Medicine Pearls
    J. Scott Delaney
  • Hematuria
    Tiina Podymow
11:00 - Workshops E
  • Rheumatism
    Michael Starr
  • Get inVulved
    Samantha Benlolo
  • Office Back Pain
    J. Scott Delaney
  • COPD: Who Does, and Does Not, Benefit from Triple Therapy?
    Pierre Ernst
  • Insomnia in the Elderly
    Wendy Chiu
  • End-Stage Renal Disease: Following a Patient with eGFR
    Tiina Podymow
  • Adolescent Eating Disorders
    Holly Agostino
13:00 - Plenary 6
  • Doctor, My Child Snores Like My Husband. Is That a Problem?
    Sheila Jacob
  • DA Closer Look at Pediatric Appendicitis
    Emil Sherif
  • Right Patient, Right Target, Right Time: Radiologically-guided Injections for Pain Management
    Mohan Radhakrishna
  • Pediatric Asthma
    Christine McCusker
  • Melanoma
    Beatrice Wang

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